Saturday, May 7, 2022

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Monday, April 4, 2022

Submit your email for a chance to win $1000 Walmart

 Well, you have read it correctly. We are happy to announce one more giveaway for all our readers. Enter your email address for a chance win $1000 Walmart gift card. No need to perform any hectic work, and you can score a good deal here. 

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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Get to know the hidden secrets of your relationship via Astrology

Astrology is commonly depicted as the study of stars and celestial bodies roaming this vast universe. But it does reflect on one’s behavior and relationship status while making those things clear that will be able to influence both of these one way or the other. So, are you destined to find your star-crossed lover by diving into the whimsical paradigm of Astrology, does your Birthdate, Name, and the Star sign really have a say in your relationship, whom you would end up meeting, and if or not it would turn into a lasting success?

These are the questions people have been associating with Astrology and its direct or indirect influence on their relationships. Are you interested to find out more about it? Are there any hidden secrets that you must be aware of? Give the following content a hearty read and you will be able to find everything about all of it and more;

What your birthdate, star sign, or time of birth says about your relationship?

What your birthdate, star sign, or time of birth says about your relationship?

According to the Astrology experts the birthdate of a person, their time of birth, and their star sign say a lot about their character, behavior, and the type of relationship they are interested in or would wound up with. Astrology can help reveal the most private things about a person, therefore, bringing forward the type of mate they are interested in, what are their chances to find them, and so on so.

It might get truly terrifying for people who are introverts because they aren’t expecting anyone to dive this much deeper and extract even the most luscious and private desires about their soulmate out in the open. Like other sciences, Astrology isn't perfect in the claims that it makes about your relationship or any other aspect but it is pretty accurate most of the time. You can use Soulmatesk, an online service to find an accurate sketch of how your soulmate would look like to narrow down the search and settle your life.

Friday, March 25, 2022

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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

One Cottage $200 Giveaway to spend on our Home & Garden Gift Bundles

One Cottage is your online source for creative and inspiring home and garden accessories.  We  source and manufacture items designed to help you organize your home, personalize your space, and celebrate a creative lifestyle. 


The One Cottage customized book and gift bundles allow you to build a unique gift for anyone at any price range.  They feature a selection of cookbooks, coffee table books, nature, and garden-inspired books that can be combined with tabletop and garden accessories, bundled together for a discount.  

One Cottage have just added new products into their gift bundle boxes and they are going to draw 1 winner on March 15th to select products totaling up to $200 to build their own custom box (or boxes).

One Cottage Bundle boxes are a great way to make a custom gift by selecting from coffee table books, cookbooks, tabletop decor, garden accessories and other items to make it unique.  The items come beautifully displayed and you can add a gift note in the box.  

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Monday, February 28, 2022

5 Best Price Monitoring Tools

I love to shop online for the convenience and efficiency it affords. However, it is also easy and inexpensive for retailers to mess with the prices constantly. And many retailers play mind games like slowly increasing the price over a month or two and then dropping it back to the original price - and calling it a big sale!

Bear in mind that price monitoring tools are also used by retailers to keep tabs on their competitors and adjust their prices accordingly.

You can use price monitoring tools to put retailers in their place. Some of the features you want to look for:

Notifications: Arguably the most important feature is to get an email, text, or push notification when the price of an item falls within your budget. Some tools include notifications for when items go in and out of stock.

Price history: Tools that collect and graph historic prices for an item provide valuable insight to the patterns, lows, highs, and averages for that item. Put simply, you will know if the current price is a better-than-average deal or if you should wait!

Post-purchase insuranceor price protection: This is really dependent on the retailer, but when you buy an item you may want to continue to monitor the item for 30 or 60 days so that if the price drops further you can get the difference refunded.


If you are looking to get deal alerts as soon as your favorite products or brands’ prices drop, you may want to consider using Visualping.

It is one of the best price tracking tools for a specific item you are looking to buy. It has a change detection service that sends notifications of all kinds of changes, such as promotions, items back in stock, and concert tickets that sell out fast on any ecommerce website.

Apart from price tracking, it can even help you identify attractive job openings and assist you in the house-hunting process.

To monitor price changes, just go to, create an account, add the URL of the page that you want to track, and select the listed price area. You will then receive an email notification once the price changes.

Make sure you choose the visual-compare option, and the email alerts will include a screenshot of the new price highlighted in red.

With Visualping, you can monitor any web page you want, and it is free for up to 65 checks a month. With the Chrome extension, you can also look for discounts, cashback, or other offers and keep track of them.

Pros: Works with almost any web page, provides a snapshot you can use in case you miss the deal

Cons: Gets expensive the more items you monitor or the higher the frequency of checks (hourly vs. daily)


CamelCamelCamel is a free and feature-rich resource to help you decide when to buy on Amazon and save money. The site monitors millions of items on Amazon and third-party retailers and displays the biggest price drops by day and week.

You can also search for the most popular products and check the price differences. This free tracker is also good to check the price history of a product in the past month and you can set up alerts for when the price drops to a specific percentage.

Camelizer is the browser extension that gives you instant access to all the features and pricing charts of CamelCamelCamel. The service is available to monitor prices in Amazon Australia, Canada, United States, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and United Kingdom.

Pros: Free, one of the original price monitoring tools, company has been around for years and years

Cons: Only works with Amazon websites

Invisible Hand

Invisible Hand is a browser extension for real-time price comparisons. It sends you a notification when there is a lower price available on a product, flight, hotel, or rental car you are shopping for. And it also includes a link to the most affordable option.

The browser extension also shows you coupons available on the site you are visiting. And during the checkout, it automatically applies the coupons choosing the one that saves you the most money. The service is available for online stores in the US and UK.

Invisible Hand is free for users. They receive a commission from the retailer when someone buys a product after clicking on the button in one of their notifications.

Pros: Free, aside from online shopping it also works with flights/hotels/rental cars

Cons: Limited list of retailers, limited list of countries supported


While most price-tracker sites focus on helping you determine when the best time is to buy, Earny is a shopping assistant that tracks your spending history and alerts you when you are eligible for a price adjustment.

Once you have installed the extension and created an account, Earny scans your email, and it automatically creates a database of your online purchases and receipts.

When one of the products you have bought drops in price and you are eligible for cashback, you receive a notification. And if you are shopping on Amazon, this assistant tracks your shipments and helps you get money back when the deliveries are late.

This service has a fixed cost of $19.99 per year. So, you will need to make sure whether you will make that up in price drops and cashback.

Pros: Automatic, sends emails on your behalf when competitive offers are available or the price drops

Cons: Works to save money only after you have made the purchase, privacy concerns with access to your mailbox


Free to use with up to 50 items and we have yet to find a retailer that they don’t support. The biggest perk is that they check the price every hour!

Monitoring an item is a simple copy/paste operation. You can also import your entire wishlist from dozens of retailers and keep them synchronized as you add or remove items from the list. You can watch the same item across multiple retailers and the tool automatically shows you the best deal.

The interface lets you organize items into different lists. You can set the preferences on each list including notification options, gifting (family and friends can mark items fulfilled without you seeing), and public lists for embedding (bloggers tool).

Pros: Free, worldwide, works with most retailers

Cons: They only collect price history on an item while someone is actively watching it on the platform


Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Enter The Holiday-Music Dance Video Contest

There are Amazon Gift Cards for prizes: 3rd Place - $50.00, 2nd Place - $75.00, and 1st Place - $100.00!

The music for the contest is from an old Swing-style, holiday song newly released this year. The song features Donna Courtell (voice), the only singer to ever record I Want a Doll. Paul Biondi is featured playing the Jazz-tenor-sax.
The professional singing of clever words, hot Jazz-tenor-sax playing, swinging rhythm section, and creative arrangement put this holiday-music production in a class by itself. Crafted to make the season bright, this recording is a holiday music must-listen for the 2021 season.

All About Jazz has reviewed I Want a Doll and said it was “a holiday canon contender." Soaring Music Publications has declared I Want a Doll as “One of the best holiday recordings ever to hit the market.” The good news is you get to use fifteen seconds of this unique recording as your audio to do your dance.

Within the contest music, sax player Paul Biondi inserts a little piece of Jingle Bells for us to enjoy. Make sure you hear where that happens because maybe you want to make something of that in your dance.

If you plan to enter the Holiday-Music Dance Video Contest, you must listen to all of I Want a Doll to see how the sax-soloing fits into the song as a whole. Sax soloing happens in the middle and at the end.
Listening to all of I want a Doll is a requirement because such listening will help your dancing, and we want you to do your best.

When you go to the Soaring Music Publications I Want a Doll page, you will be able to click on a link to hear all of I Want a Doll. GET THAT REQUIREMENT OUT OF THE WAY! If your favorite platform is not a listed button, go to your favorite and search for I Want a Doll by Donna Courtell. I Want a Doll is streaming on all major platforms. It is three minutes and twenty-four seconds long.

After you've enjoyed hearing all of I Want a Doll, it is an easy two-step process to make your dance video entry. Choose Tic Tok or Instagram and click on the red "HERE" accordingly. Once there, capture the audio where it says "original audio" (Instagram) or "original sound" (Tik Tok). Once you capture the sound your phone will automatically switch to "camera," all set to film yourself dancing to the music you just captured when you tap "use audio" (IG) or "use this sound" (TT).

It is that easy. Once done with a recording you like, post it to the platform you are using, copy the URL, and paste it into the entry form. Fill out your name, and enter a title to your video. Make sure you readthe Official Rules and download the Privacy Policy. If you are under 18, you must have parental permission.

That's about it. We are looking forward to seeing your entry soon. Have fun and best of luck to you. You might win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

To go to the page where you can enter please click HERE.

Contest Ends 1-3-2022!


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