Best Buy Reward Zone Members: 17 Free Points (New User Poll & Audience Rewards Trivia)

April 7, 2013 at 8:04 am · 0 comments

best buy reward zone

Yay! Here’s a super easy and quick way to add 17 free points to your Best Buy Reward Zone account and you do NOT have to make a purchase. Just head over here to the Best Buy Facebook page, login with your Best Buy account and  take the “Turn Up The Volume” User Poll for 5 points!! Easy!!

Then head over to Audience Rewards and answer the 6 questions to get 2 points for each CORRECT answer, giving you 12 more points! In case you are not sure of the answers, I listed them below…. I did have to create an Audience Rewards account to participate in this. Also, allow 4-6 weeks for your points to be added to your account.

audience rewards points

Bernard B Jacobs Theatre
The Gershwin

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