Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The 5 Best Ways to Make Use of Discarded Fabric and Bits & Bobs

There are so many ways to cleverly up-cycle old bits of fabric and all those bits and bobs you've kept aside for all these years, in the hope that they’ll be useful one day! Well now it’s the summer holidays you may want some side projects for yourself or your children to get creative with, so here is a list of ways you can finally use up those hoarded haberdashery craft pieces!

1.) Patchwork Pillow Cases and Bedding

Using patchwork squares of selected prints and colours, stitch them together to form a beautiful handcrafted pillow case! It’s one of the simplest things to create using old craps of fabric and you can embellish them with lace, ribbons, buttons, sequins and beads to make them as extravagant or as simple as you wish.

Blankets and bedding are just as easy - so you can make a whole set! If you’re into your design, sit and draw out plans and ideas of colour schemes before you get sewing, then when your ready stitch up a storm that the whole family can enjoy snuggling up in!

2.) Brooches

A great little craft that will make lovely presents for friends and family! Brooches can be created from scrap fabrics, buttons and beads with the help of a ready made pin. You don’t even have to be good with a needle to create brooches - a simple cut and stick with some strong craft glue can have any pin looking splendid.

Pins can get a bit fiddly so aim to make slightly oversized ones for statement looks and the ease of getting it all together! Recreate looks you’ve seen on the high street or make up your own unique badge.

3.) Button Jewellery

I find it funny that both me and my mother (from a very young age) have stored and collected buttons of all shapes and sizesover the years and kept them in a tub in our craft cupboard. I’m rather proud of the amount I’ve managed to harbour and now I’m looking to finally use them on a project! A friend of mine suggested making my own jewellery line using the distinguished buttons I’ve found over a lifetime of hoarding.

Necklaces, bracelets, key-rings, stud earrings, charms and rings can all be crafted from threading, glueing and stitching your buttons onto either already bought ring backs/chains or by making the whole thing from fabric like the one pictured!

4.) Tote Bags

 Or any kind of bag in fact: clutches, shoppers, duffles, gym bags, satchels etc… Jazz up any dying breed with iron on patches, suffolk puffs, buttons, broken jewellery, bits of lace and crochet and whatever else you can find.

These are super cute for summer walks, picnics and festivals - reaping that homemade, organic vibe. You won’t find anything this unique in a store. This is also a great project to get the kids involved with - give them some colouring pencils and help them to design their ideal fashion bag that you can then replicate!

5.) Useful Craft Accessories

 I’m always needing bookmarks, pins, paperclips and magnets… the silly little things that you detest spending money on in high street stores, but that would make your life a bit more organised. Well, make your own! There’s dozens of online tutorials showing you how to turn boring metallic paperclips into funky bookmarks using buttons etc. Just use your imagination!


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