Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Becoming a Bike Messenger to Earn a Little Extra Cash

If you are like most people in the world then you are just doing your best to get by. While you might make a decent wage at your regular job, you’re always on the lookout for other ways to make extra income. One of the many jobs that more and more people are turning to is bike-messaging.

Below are some pros and cons of taking up the job to help you decide whether it’s a good side income for you.

The Pros
     There's Money in It!
     You only need to see the number of people buying items on stores like the Groupon Coupons page for ASOS to know that the job isn’t going away soon. More and more people are turning to online shopping, which means logistics companies need new and faster ways to deliver more products. If you’re looking for longevity, bike messaging can be a good move.
     It Keeps You Active!
     This one goes in the Pros section because it’s a great byproduct of working and earning money. Plus, you get to work outdoors which means that you are breathing fresh air and raising your endorphins as you work. These can make for a great feeling as you ride and work.
     Flexible Hours
     Gone are the days of classic 9-5 deliveries. With companies offering 24 hours a day delivery services, couriers have the ability to choose to work hours outside their regular work or school routine. This is a great benefit when it comes time for exams or a heavy period at your regular job.

Of course, it can’t all be good news.

The Cons
     You Have to Work for Your Money!
     Yes, the work is there if you want it. But do you have to work for your money? Absolutely! Bike couriers are paid by the delivery, not by the hour. This means that you can’t and shouldn’t expect to be sitting waiting for work to come in. Instead, you should expect to be making deliveries constantly.
     It Keeps You Active!
     Yes, it was mentioned in the Pros section because it’s a great outcome. However, it’s also something that you will need to do. It isn’t solely a nice byproduct that you get fit, you actually need to be able to ride that bike for the entirety of your shift.
     You Aren't Classes as an Employee
     Most people are surprised to find that most couriers and bike messengers aren’t considered employees. Instead, they operate as private contractors. For this reason, there is no provision for healthcare, sick pay or any type of paid leave from work, retirement contributions, etc. Any of the benefits of expectations you have from a regular job are now your own obligation. This can include personal insurance for you as you race around the streets and also for your bike in the event it is stolen or becomes damaged.

There are so many different jobs out there for you to take advantage of to earn yourself some extra cash, and a bike messenger is definitely a viable one if you fit the criteria, such as owning your own bike and being able to ride around the streets all shift long.


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