Wednesday, May 30, 2018

What To Read Before Beginning A New Position

Are you starting a new job - if so you could do worse than read these tips to help you know what to expect.

1. Five Must-Do Tasks Once You Have Accepted The Job

Have you just secured the job of your dreams? Once you put away the champagne, set about completing these five key tasks.

2. Hitting The Right Notes On The First Day

Job interviews are assuredly stressful, but they may pale in comparison to the actual first day at work. Fear not, the tips that follow will get you off on just the right foot.

3. Calming Your New Employee Nerves

If heading to work for the first time at a new office has you sweating, these four concepts can help get your nervousness in check so you can hit the ground running.

4. Getting Through The Treacherous First Week

By using this advice, you will have what it takes to gain your footing quickly and impress new colleagues at the same time.

5. Out Of The Frying Pan And Into The Fire? Training Survival Tips

Unfortunately, training for new employees is often regrettably meager. With the guidance we provide, you will be equipped to learn the ropes rapidly and succeed with ease. Primat has some good tips on beginning a new career, albeit on in a particular industry.

6. Making The Right Friends On The Job

Whether the security guard of the office spouse, having the right people in your corner can make all the difference in a new position.

7. Chatting Up The C-Suite

If you find yourself unexpectedly in the presence of your company's true power players, this is no cause for alarm. Take advantage of our can't-miss ice breakers and take advantage of key networking opportunities whenever they arise.

8. The Best Way To Request Time Off As A Newbie

Just because you started a new position doesn't mean you are prepared to skip vacations altogether. We address typical concerns about how to approach the topic of time off with employers and explain the best way to navigate what could be a minefield of conflicting expectations.


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