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How to save money on your DIY pest control solutions

Want to save money on DIY pest control solutions? Often the reaction when dealing with pests is to try get rid of them yourself. At this stage very few people consider calling in an exterminator. Instead they attempt to use DIY methods. The only problem is that these methods are extremely expensive. If you live in the UK, it will probably work out more cost effective in the end to hire a professional to achieve the best Essex pest control solutions. However, If you’re looking for ways to save money on DIY pest control solutions, then here are a few suggestions.


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What DIY pest control solutions are cheapest

The simplest way to do this is by avoiding high street stores. The pest products sold in shops are massively overpriced. Besides that, they are no good anyways. These products need to be safe enough to use in people’s homes. This means they are watered down versions of what we use. Basically, store bought pesticides are not nearly strong enough to kill aggressive pests. Bottom line is, don’t fall for the gimmicky products they sell in the shops.

Instead, try to contact the suppliers directly. Many manufacturers of pesticides and anti pest products have factory outlets and will often sell directly to the public. In this case you may be able to secure a discount. All you have to do is contact them. 

You can get cheaper pest control products simply by ordering online. There are many integratedpest managementproductsbeing developed which are only sold online. Not only that many times these products are far cheaper than anything you find in the shops.


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Another good way to save money on pest control

This is easy. The ultimate way to save money on pest solutions is to use home remedies. There are dozens of DIY solutions for pest control. The most widely known are citronella candles. If you search online it’s easy to find a many natural substances that pests hate. 

For example, there are herbs and flowers which can be planted in your garden. These quickly repel pests and include things like Lemon grass, Marigolds, Petunias, and Chrysanthemums. You can also leave herbs such as Basil, Borage, Catnip, Lavender, Rosemary and Sage around your home.

There are many DIY pest traps which are easily made. A good example of this are DIY fly traps. All you have to do is take a coca cola bottle and cut it in half. Invert the top half into the bottom and place some type of food into this trap. The flies will enter and be unable to find their way out. This works particularly well depending on the type of bait you use. 

If you have fruit flies simply take a container and fill it with water. Then add dish washing liquid and a tea spoon of apple cider vinegar. The apple cider attracts the flies. Once they land their legs stick to the dish washing liquid and they eventually die.


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